"Lost and Found" Among Best Films in 48HFP Competition

The film in which Dave Carter earned his first credits as a writer and actor was nominated for Best Film and Best Direction from among 27 entries submitted in San Jose in 2008.

On Friday 15 August at 7pm the team that Dave joined, P-Town Pictures, led by Scott Cornfield, was given a character (Chris Doyle, drummer), an object (a pin), and a line of dialogue (What just happened?), all of which had to be included somewhere in a movie that was no shorter than 4 min. and no longer than 7 min., not including 1 min. of credits.

"We had to write it, rehearse it, shoot it, edit it, and turn it in by 7pm on Sunday," says Dave. "We wrote it in a conference room at SanDisk until 2am Fri night." The genre P-Town drew out of a hat was: Romance...

Click here to see the film.

Watch for a 5-second scene with two undercover cops in a car. Dave is the one who says “What the hell did he just say?”

"The crook is holding my daughter's purple bat, he’s riding my daughter bike, and one of the cops is riding my wife’s bike," Dave says. "Note the scene where he skids and wipes out on my wife’s bike. Note that it is HER bike, not mine..."

In the very last shot, that’s Dave's voice on the radio saying “Red Bull One, where are you?”

Dave hopes to lead a Harebrained Schemes team in the future.

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