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Books Written or Illustrated by Dave Carter

The Odd Poem

A PDF of Dave's warped attempts at poetry is available for purchase.

Harness the Monster

Contact Dave for the latest PDF of this book, aimed at 7th graders and their parents, which provides easy-to-grasp strategies for getting control over the ever-expanding, often nameless, shape-shifting, stress-inducing, time-sucking beast known as digital technology.

Learn how to minimize unwanted exploitation of your digital world presence and protect what remains of your privacy and sanity, while experiencing the beauty and power of technology to seek connection, entertainment, and enlightenment, despite increasingly sophisticated data gathering mechanisms that continue to enrich yet simultaneously encroach upon your mental and physical space.

Married Guy Responses

Go here to see articles Dave wrote in response to Huff Post and other articles.

Thirty Humorous and Inspirational Speeches

View a PDF of speeches written in 2008.

Molebait's Money Secrets

View a PDF of the Forward to this book.

What Your School Can Learn From the Best PTAs in Silicon Valley

(Link to excerpt to be added soon.)

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