Battle Octagon

Imagine sitting in a high tech captain's chair next to an eight-sided arena filled with water. You steer a radio-controlled boat that has a laser mounted on the bow for firing at light-sensitive targets on other boats.

You can compete as part of a team or as an individual against up to 15 other boats, some controlled remotely over the Internet.

Players score points for hitting targets, and lose points when hit.
The team (or individual) with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

Players don't even have to understand English!
All they need to know is how to:
* Steer
* Work a throttle
* Shift into forward or reverse
* Fire the laser

Remote site players can press keys or click on a display, while watching streamed images from overhead, ring-side, or boat cams.

Build it near a Navy base, serve beer, and charge $15 for 15 min.

This has never been done, even though robust technology exists.

A storyboard of the concept and a business plan are available. Investors are needed to fund development of this location-based entertainment, which will attract a steady flow of traffic (to a casino or resort, for example). In addition, the concept could be sold to toy makers.

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